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First weeks of the 2021-22 season

How did it feel to be back playing in Milan, considering that now you can have fans in the arena during the games?
It’s amazing finally being able to have a real home court. The fans have been great and supportive and hopefully we can use this to our favor. 

How do you feel the new players in your squad are gelling with the rest of the team?
Everybody has came in with the right mentality to help the team, and that’s one of the reasons it was so easy for us to gel. There were no egos, we all have the same goal.
You had a very good game last week vs. Baskonia. How do you feel about your group/opponents in this Euroleague season?
I think everybody improved in euroleague and we definitely got a lot better. Baskonia was a team we loss to twice last year so beating them and then a big double week with two wins vs maccabi and efes made it much better.
Considering previous seasons, how are you feeling this year health wise and what you and your team can achieve?
Last season I played injured from September and it was very draining mentally and physically on my body. I had to rest this summer and just focus in physical strength and Right now I’m in great shape, and still improving with my knee. It’s something I cant completely fix but I’m doing everything I can to maintain and be the best I can. I feel good at the moment but that type of stuff takes time.
After these first 5 games what do you see as your team’s biggest strength and what are the things you feel you guys need to work on?
I think we are much better defensively and we have a lot of weapons to spread the floor and score points. We are very unselfish and that’s a good trait in euroleague. 
What are your new and current projects that you’re excited about in Baltimore?
My newest project is my sports bar “So Baltimore”. I purchased it this summer and just started renovations a few days ago to prepare for a summer 2022 grand opening. So once I’m done with practice and games that’s where my attention is along with my basketball program for the kids in Baltimore.
Can you talk a bit about your collaboration “Melo x MD23”. What do you want to achieve for your community and children?
This collaboration was important for the community, you have two of the best players to come from a city that genuinely want to see the kids develop on and off of the court the right way. Provide some opportunities they probably wouldn’t have and also help them learn more about impacting their community from a young age. It’s something I’m excited and very passionate about. 

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