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Guangdong stays undefeated in season start

Your team has started the season 15-0. Best start in club history. How do you personally feel during this incredible run?
It feels good, more because we haven’t been fully healthy or with a full team since the season started so it could definitely get better. We have a tough stretch these next 15 games so we will see how this holds up.

Do you approach games in a different way when you are unbeaten?
No, I play every game with the same mentality. We want to win a championship and we just want to keep getting better and stay healthy.

What would you attribute as the most crucial factors in your team’s play so far this season?
We are very talented and have a system that works for our personnel. It’s nothing special.

How much better did the addition of Sonny Weems make your team?
Adding Sonny changed the game because now we can play faster and we have two guards that can play the right way and make everyone around us better. No team plays with two foreign guards but having Yi gives us the advantage to do that.

How do you feel personally about your performances during this run?
I feel that I’ve played solid. Really had to adjust to the style of play but I still haven’t played the best. Another thing that excites me. Getting healthy and understanding the league, now I can turn it up a notch.

What are the crucial on-court differences between playing in the NBA vs. playing in China?
There’s nothing similar to be honest. If anything would be the pace and high scoring but I don’t think the styles are similar.

How is China so far off-court. Do you feel the fans have a big love for the game, or is it more casual?
The fans show a lot of love, but it’s the typical overseas treatment. They show appreciation a lot more.

As for the travel between the games is China difficult or are long distances handled in a good way?
Travel isn’t NBA style but it’s not terrible. We fly everywhere besides two close cities. We play a lot so how they manage our schedule had be pretty solid.

You had a short break between the games recently. How did you spend the time?
I went to Thailand for 3 days to relax and clear my mind since I couldn’t spend the holidays with my family. Then spent three days in Kong Kong for some therapy on some injuries I’ve been playing through.

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