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Traveling to China

When are you leaving for China? When does the season start

Malcolm: I leave for China today (Saturday) and the season starts around the 20th of October but our first preseason game is around the 26 of this month.

Did you ever visit China or any Asian countries before?

Malcolm: No I’ve never been but I’m excited for a new challenge and experience.

How long will your flight be?

Malcolm: I leave 1pm and get there 7pm Sunday in Hong Kong.

What do you think this season will be like? Do you know any of your upcoming teammates?

Malcolm: I don’t know anybody personally but I trust with the team having a strong tradition with winning that we will have a contender.

How did you like this summer? Which elements of the game were you able to work on.

Malcolm: This summer was all about just getting back to playing and just moving around after not playing for a while.

What mindset are you going in with for the upcoming season. What do you want to change vs. last year with the Hawks.

Malcolm: The Hawks chapter for me is done and I’m not even going back to last season I’m just focused on meeting my new teammates, learning their games and figuring out how I can make them better and help my team win games. That’s my focus and hopefully that leads to a championship.

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