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Finishing out the season

Since the All-Star Game you’ve missed a few games with an injury. If you could say a bit more about it?
I’ve been out because of a sprained ankle. Had the same exact injury in college and it lingered for a while because I didn’t rehab properly and played too soon so I’ve just been taking my time with therapy to make sure it’s 100%.

Do you feel the process of getting back on the court after the injury is much different in the States than Europe?
In Europe unless it’s a real bad decision you have up until gametime to decide. In the NBA I feel like they are much more cautious when it comes to injuries and they make sure you are good before they clear you.

The Hawks are entering the final stretch of the season. What do you feel you’ve managed to achieve personally during this season?
This season I feel like I established myself more as a solid defender, leader and also the ability to play shooting guard. Last season I only played PG and I got an opportunity to play my natural position some this year.

With the offseason approaching, what will be the biggest Free Agency goal for you?
Biggest thing in free agency for me is to be healthy and go into a situation where I can play a bigger role and continue to expand my game. Hopefully that will be in ATL.

And from On-Court goals what will you try to achieve this summer and what will have the highest emphasis?
Just get back to playing free, continue to get better from 3 and have fun. That’s he most important of them all.

From these 2 seasons with the Hawks what is your best and worst memory?
Best is the playoff experience and worst might just be not playing some.

You had a birthday celebration recently. How did it go and how do you feel being able to spend this time home vs. previous years in Europe?
Having a birthday in the states isn’t comparable to when I was in Europe. This year was the most fun I’ve had on a birthday in a long time, and I thank my friends and teammates for that.

Going back to our last news post, did you play in those best kicks of the season, yet?
I had a lot of stuff I was going to start wearing and then got hurt so I have about 15 pair I wanted to wear that I can’t. But there’s always next year.

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