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First weeks in Milan

How did you spend your summer considering the current pandemic?
My summer was pretty boring, I spent it mostly quarantining and training at my house because of the severity of the pandemic. Luckily I bought my house and had plenty of resources available to keep me sane.

How was your trip to Italy and the quarantine afterwards?
The trip to Italy was pretty easy, followed by a two week quarantine. For two weeks I basically just went on a strict diet and did a lot of cardio and workouts in my condo. This actually was pretty helpful because I felt good going into practice after being a week behind the team.

What do you think about Milan so far?
So far Milan has been better than expected. Everything coach mentioned to me I’ve experienced and more. The club is very professional, the staff is top level and the city so far despite covid restrictions has been very solid.

How did you feel during your first exhibition game?
I actually felt better than expected. I was definitely winded but my rhythm was better than I thought and it was just fun to be able to get up and down the court. Before that game I think March 6 was the last time I played basketball, and in between that I only had 5 workouts on an actual basketball court in about 5 months.

What do you feel will be the biggest strength of your team going into the season?
I think experience will be our biggest advantage. We have a bunch of winners from various teams coming together to achieve the biggest goals. First Italian League and hopefully Euroleague as well.

How do you feel about the COVID situation worldwide? Do you think sports can be a significant help during a difficult time like this?
I honestly don’t think sports is a big help. It does give fans something else to watch and be entertained by but the bigger issue is safety so I don’t really want to involve sports into worldwide safety issues.

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