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Heading into 2020

After 2 months of play FC Barcelona holds great records in both Liga Endesa (10-2) and Euroleague (9-3). Do you feel that you guys are fully locked in? Are there points of emphasis that you are mostfly focused on?
I think we still have a ways to go. We are playing with 3 important guys still injured and also I haven’t been playing as well until the last few games. With that being said I think we are just getting started.

You recently had an injury for a few games. If you could say how severe it was and how you are currently feeling?
I had a groin injury and was lucky that it wasn’t any worse but it threw me out of rhythm for a while. I’m good now and my body is in good shape.

Your teammate Nikola Mirotic has been playing great. Do you feel that players with NBA experience such as yourself and Nikola give the team a much needed edge?
In some ways yes, but for the most part our European experience serves better. I think we both got better playing in the NBA but the game doesn’t translate much for Euroleague. Our experience on both sides of the water combined is what makes it better.

What’s the most beneficial skill emphasised in NBA that help in European competition?
I can’t really pick one, but the NBA really teaches you how to stay even. After a win/ loss, or good/bad game you can’t overreact.

During a win vs. Real Betis in November both teams shot lights out from the 3 point line with FC Barcelona sinking 18 shots. How do you feel about the transformation of the offensive game in general?
I don’t think we play any special way that was just a game where we got hot, and on a team full of shooters we will have games like that. But we don’t emphasize trying to get up a lot of threes like some teams.

Thanksgiving for Americans abroad is not easy, being away from family and friends. How did you spend it this year?
It was just a normal day for me. Talked to my family and prepared for my game the next day… Sometimes you have to sacrifice to get ahead in life.

What are your plans basketball wise before the holidays/new years. What realistic record would you like your team to hold in both Euroleague and Liga Endesa.
Realistically I want us to win every game. We are very capable and it will be tough for sure but that’s all I expect from us. If we keep improving results will come.

Before the season started you’ve named Barcelona your favourite European city. What did you manage to do/see so far that you did not know about before?
I’ve been all over the city but it’s my favorite because there’s so much to do, places to eat, the people are dope and it’s a lot of different cultures here.

Do you feel that Palau Blaugrana and FC Barcelona fans are the loudest and most loyal fans in Spain?
When our gym is full it’s a great environment. Our fans understand basketball unlike a lot of places where the fans just just go to the game to yell. They’ll even turn on their team. But it’s been fun playing in Palau.

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