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Mid-Season Q&A

During the last few weeks, Atlanta Hawks won 11 of their last 15 games. These wins included a 7 game winning-streak. Malcolm has been adjusting to the NBA game well and he’s proven to be an important player from the bench for the Atlanta Hawks.

How did you spend the Christmas and New Year’s time? Did you had a chance to be around family in comparison to your years abroad?

I didn’t get to spend the holidays with my family, we had games around the holidays and because of my family taking care of my brother it’s hard for them to travel for now.

Your team had a 7-game winning streak and (winning 9 of your last 10 games). What do you think is crucial about your team’s game that helped you during this streak?

We have been playing really well as of late just because we found a rhythm of playing our style of basketball. Very unselfish and picked it up defensively. Hopefully this can continue to improve because it’ll help us going into the playoffs.

You have been playing really good. Do you feel that you have fully transitioned to the NBA game?

I think that I been adjusted pretty well to the NBA game but the difficult part was embracing a new role and just trying to limit mistakes and control the second unit to keep leads, build bigger leads or turn it up and bring us back into some games.

What do you think is the next step for you and Hawks to get on another level? What would you like to work on?

I think as long as we continue to play how we are now and stay healthy the sky’s the limit. We have a good organization and I think we have some pieces to make noise in the east.

During January one of your crucial players – Kyle Korver has been traded to Cleveland. How do you feel your team has to adjust.

It wasn’t really a big adjustment outside of the leadership aspect of it. I think Mike dunleavy brings some of the same qualities Kyle has and has fit our system pretty well. So there’s no big difference.

Recently you’ve shared a video on Instagram of your car being full of popcorn. Did you have a lot of other ‘rookie hazing’ moments? If so, what were they.

That’s pretty much been it, we just have to sing when it’s somebody’s birthday and drop practice gear off to rooms on the road sometimes but that’s about it.

How do you feel about the upcoming All-Star weekend? Do you think you will be able to compete in the Rising Stars Challenge?

I think I’ve earned a place there but in this league you never know. I definitely want to participate because it’ll just be something else to add to my resume.

Even if you won’t be a part of the weekend, are you still going to New Orleans or would you stay in Atlanta?

If I don’t play in the rookie game I don’t think I want to go to New Orleans. I’d rather spend some time with my brother and take a little vacation to get ready for the home stretch of the season.

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