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Offseason Updates

How is the offseason looking so far?
Offseason is going well. Focused on getting my ankle healthy as well as having some fun. Was looking forward to going back to ATL or changing scenery with another good opportunity but Free Agency has been slow. So it’s pretty much a boring waiting game.

Did you manage to rest and fully heal your in-season injury?
Ankle is good, and got cleared for everything. Now just focused on getting back in shape since I’ve been out for a while.

What is your current workout regime? What are you focusing on mostly?
Currently I’m doing strength and conditioning in the morning and basketball in the afternoon in Miami. Just focusing on corrective movements and getting stronger. Making sure I feel better playing.

What are you looking for in terms of a role on your next team?
Wherever I play I just want to be able to do me. Haven’t been able to since Russia and it was a difficult two years in atl but just ready for whatever’s next.

What do you feel you can bring to the table for either a title contender and a team in rebuilding stages?
Leadership, consistency (given a role) and someone who works hard and competes every day.

What are you most anxious about for this third season in the NBA?
Just getting a opportunity is enough for me, I would take care of the rest.

Obviously another NBA contract is your goal but so far were you contacted with any serious offers from European teams?
Yes I’ve had calls and offers in Europe. My priority is the NBA and after that wherever the next best situation for me is. Financially NBA won’t be my best option but the opportunity to play and make more money for me would be outside of the United States so we shall see what happens. I’ll be good regardless.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer. What will you want to focus on?
I’ll be in Miami grinding until we get a call for a good opportunity. I will do my part and be ready for whatever.

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