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Short Q&A after the ankle injury

How are you currently feeling after your injury?
I’ve been back two games now, first one I still was a little hesitant and didn’t have my legs under me but yesterday I felt really good. My injuries and legs were in good shape.

What do you think about your team’s play during your time of your injury?
I think the 4 1/2 weeks I missed the team really stepped up. For most of that time Kevin Punter and Vlado Micov were also out and some of our other players had bigger opportunities to step up and play a bigger role. I think this will help us at the end.

Your team is still unbeaten in Italian League, what would you say is the biggest factor of that?
I think we have been very solid going into Italian league games. We’ve had some tests in euroleague and it’s helped us to stay focused in Italy.

What do you think of the current COVID situation worldwide and what it means for basketball?
I don’t think we are in a good situation with covid but it’s something we chose to do and are dealing with. There should be some changes with how things are going, seeing how the schedule is starting to get clustered in trying to fit postponed games into these weeks. We will see what happens. Hopefully we stay healthy and are healthy at the end when it really matters.

What do you think about the US presidential election? Do you feel a better candidate won?
I don’t care much for politics and I don’t believe neither was a great candidate but the better “person” and “politician” of the two won.

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